11 April 2007

Why I Don't Leave My Door Open

Campus Crusade for Christ has an "eavesdropping on a spiritual conversation":

If her wedding ring didn't betray her, Melissa could pass for a resident in Regents residence hall, like Dani is. More than a year ago, she and her husband gave up their jobs to help college students understand how to have a relationship with Jesus as staff members with Campus Crusade for Christ.

Melissa and Dani find a cracked door and knock. A brunette opens it.

"Hi, I'm Melissa and this is my friend Dani," says the former kindergarten teacher. "We're getting people's opinions on spirituality."


Melissa's then boyfriend, and now her husband, Bobby, was asked a similar question by a Campus Crusade staff member when he was a junior at WSU. Soon after, he rededicated his life to Christ. Bobby explained this to Melissa, and she soon did the same. Then they both got involved in Campus Crusade.

Wow! What a break for Bobby that Melissa is so easily convinced!
Last week, when she and Dani initiated a spiritual conversation, a freshman named Allison who lives in the same dorm offered a similar answer. Melissa told her that Jesus offers the free gift of eternal life, and it is not because of what we do. During that conversation, Allison accepted Christ.

A free gift?! Oh great! There couldn't be any strings attached, could there?
Melissa tugs a blue booklet called Would You Like to Know God Personally? out of her bag. As they read through it, Melissa clarifies points and asks questions so Laura understands. The 28-year-old explains how everyone has earned separation from God, but that Jesus died to bridge this gulf.

At one point in the booklet Melissa asks Laura where she thought she stood with God.

"I don't have a relationship with Christ," she answers. Then she explains that one of her friends is Muslim and another is an atheist, so she doesn't like that people have to receive Jesus. "You just need faith in some form, as long as you don't harm others," Laura says. "No one can say there is one right way."

Melissa explains that truth is exclusive: Her blue shirt is blue, even if someone says it's red. Likewise, there is absolute truth, and Jesus is God's only provision for sin.

Are you serious? Let's just forget for a second how pathetic it is to pull out a tract instead of engaging in actual debate—claims to absolute truth require more than a chromatic metaphor.

The whole scenario is obviously fictitious (or so absurdly asinine that it is hard for me to take it at face value) but apparently this kind of shit actually happens.

A couple atheists and Campus Crusaders interview each other.

The evangelism toolbox.

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