24 August 2007

...And Now for Something Completely Different...

How come there aren't Burger Lords or Burger Vassals or Burger Serfs? Implementing such a strategic brand differentiation could better serve the needs of all burger-eaters. Of course, only real beef would be served at Burger King. In contrast, Burger Serf would serve rat tartar on black-market strawberry bagels.


"Meaninglessness Of Preseason Game Plunges Jeremy Shockey Into Existential Crisis."


Look at some of my pretty pictures:


In medieval times, doctors wore things over their faces called nosegays. They looked like beaks and were filled with cloves to ward off the stench of death. Good times!


More proof that the Ancient Greeks kicked ass and the Trojans suck it:

Residents of the ancient city of Troy left their waste on the floors of their homes or tossed it into the streets...


About 500BCE, the city of Athens, Greece, passed the first garbage dump law in the Western world, requiring that garbage be dumped at least one mile outside the city walls.

Garbage and Other Pollution, Cornelia Blair

Hektor made his wife sleep in TRASH! Otherwise, even I admit, he was a devoted and loving husband.

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