05 January 2010

Blinded by Overwhelming Fury (Apparently)

Immediately after waking up this morning, I had the misfortune to discover an interview with Gallagher. He seems to be a living example of why it's important to never let yourself become an angry person. (It's alright to be a person who occasionally, and for a reason, happens to get angry, though.)

He calls President Clinton "the most common" and complains that Bill ruined oral sex, never mind that he was a Rhodes scholar and if he happened to affect some down-home charm, it was only for show and oral sex.

You can actually take a drink now during your show! You know, George Burns performed smoking a cigar, and never needed a drink of water on a stool. But now this has become a tradition in America. They more or less have a stool ready for you and ask, “What water ya want?” To me, as a visual artist, everything that’s in the picture should have meaning—what does a stool and a bottle of water mean?

Oh, please. Throughout the interview he bemoans trivial and minute changes in the comedy industry and places the blame for his lack of recent success squarely upon the shoulders of a "society" constructed for the lowest common denominator.

And I suppose this is what I mean in saying "O, woe betides the souring of a man." Careful when you bitch like this because it just may blind you to the incredible irony of being both the subject and object of your derision.

(And he dismisses the heinous nature of Michael Vick's crimes, saying, "One player kills somebody and somehow isn’t punished as much as a quarterback who kills a dog. Dogs are given to the pound, and the pound kills them. So if, I forget his name, if [Michael Vick] had worked for the pound, he wouldn’t have been put in jail.")

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