09 January 2010

Protestants on the Road

Yet another example of what happens when you allow the hoi polloi read the Word of God.

The Carlisle outpost of Truckstop Ministries is one of 74 chapels in 29 states. From Barstow, Calif., to Bordentown, N.J., truckers are gathering in meeting rooms, modular trailers and old movie theaters. There are other ministries and groups catering to truckers nationwide, too. Just down the road, at the Petro truck stop near Interstate 81, the Carlisle Truck Stop Chaplain Ministry meets in a trailer. However, Truckstop Ministries is the largest and most organized Christian outreach network on the highway.

Mr. Hershey and chaplain Leon Wells run their Sunday meeting in Mr. Hershey's 28-foot Coachman motor home. Half a dozen drivers huddle in on this sunny Sunday, 24-ounce cups of truck-stop coffee in hand, to listen to Mr. Hershey's sermon and talk about God, the road and life.

It looks like they have some competition though (from Youtube user "Yoked to Jesus"):

Don't believe what anybody tells you about God! That's where people get so screwed up, they're lookin' to a pastor, a minister, whatever to, you know, interpret God's Word for 'em. You know what? They could teach you, that's great...you can listen to 'em. But never believe it! Until you check it out for yourself until you go to the Word, until you go to the Bible and you check it out for yourself....

Part 2:

I tell you what. That was like a blanket of comfort, it really was like a blanket of comfort because it was God saying, "Jeff, Jeff, just climb up into my lap and cry. I'm gonna hold you through this, be still and know that I am God....

Part 3:

Debating Scripture is frivolous 'cause somebody comes into a debate discussion about Scripture, that heart will keep them from ever seein' from seein' what God wants 'em to see.

Yes, okay, let's take what we all agree to be the WORD OF GOD and just ASSUME that it is a very simple thing to understand! Jesus Christ! Please bring back Torquemada! In this case he would be the lesser of two evils.

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