06 January 2010


A Metafilter post about various trademark issues with Google's new phone. Apparently, Dick's estate is made over Google's use of "Nexus" paired with a number and Verizon had to pay Lucasfilm to use "Droid." It's really unbelievable what people trademark and then "own." Just because you take a perfectly good word that is widely used by everyone and then place a number next to it, it's special now? Or you chop off the first two letters of "android," you all of a sudden have such a novel verbal construct that you can have exclusive rights to it?

Well, "android" is formed two Greek roots, so why don't we just pay them? It's really pathetic that people/companies can secure "rights" to language (which everyone "owns").

Just another reason why George Lucas is the biggest piece of shit in the universe.

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